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What You Need to Know about OSHA Certification ...

Who Requires's trainings

Our training is geared towards manufacturing, industrial and service sectors that do not require a Department of Labor card (DOL Card).

Do I Need To Be OSHA Certified?

Contrary to popular belief, OSHA does not actually certify workers and you cannot get "OSHA certified". That said, many workers do not need an official DOL card to remain OSHA compliant - they just need proper training that will teach them how to stay safe on their worksite!

What Certification Does OSHA Require?

While OSHA does not specifically address training or certification requirements for workers, many OSHA standards require that the employer train employees in specific safety and health aspects of their jobs. Training is voluntary and OSHA has released guidelines for training, but these are not themselves a standard. The rule of thumb is - train your employees on what they need to know to keep themselves and others safe on the worksite. OSHA doesn't necessarily know what standards are applicable to each worksite, so determining proper training is the job of employers.

Online training in occupational health and safety

OHStraining is offering a wide range of trainings in occupational health and safety. All of our trainings are in cinematic format which translates in a better and deeper comprehension for the learner. We also include, free of charge, an integrated learning management system which allows you to thoroughly manage your OHS training.

A clear mandate Zero Accident

OHStraining's mandate is well defined: to ensure that workers work safely and conscientiously. Designed according to US standards, our trainings meet the needs of businesses and communities. With OHStraining, the zero accident goal is now on hand at affordable prices.


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Follow your training quickly and easily, on your phone, tablet or computer. Each module consists of an instructor explaining the notions on the screen during a short video. You then answer a questionnaire to validate your achievements. When you have completed all the modules successfully, the system gives you a printable certificate. You will also be mailed a competency card testifying the completed training.


Buy training for your employees according to your needs, manage the training status of all your employees, generate reports and know at all times who is fit to work on a construction site. Our platform gives you total peace of mind knowing that your employees are qualified and will perform the tasks safely.

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