Thermal Stress

Thermal Stress Thermal Stress


As part of a task to be performed internally or externally, some factors, such as industrial processes or the climate conditions, may expose workers to intense cold or heat. These extreme temperatures can have serious effects on the health of human beings. Heat strokes or chilblains are just some of the examples of the risks associated with these specific situations. It is therefore essential to be able to identify these risks and to know the preventive methods in order to avoid a worker from being exposed to this situation.

Target audience

The training is primarily intended for regular and casual workers wishing to carry out work in very hot or very cold ambient air conditions. Whether you work in the construction or agriculture field, or you are simply interested in acquiring new skills, this training is for you.


    To know and assess the risks associated with heat and cold
    To recognize the symptoms and situations associated with temperature constraints
    To know the effects of temperature constraints on workers
    To use preventive methods reducing or eliminating these risks
    To provide the appropriate assistance to a worker who is the victim of effects related to temperature constraints

This training has a duration of about 60min and is valid for 36 months