Slinging Slinging


Although the trend focuses on looking for and using material that considerably reduces the handling time, many loads continue to be moved and loaded using a slinging system. However, only specialists can perform these tasks. Slingers establish the link between the load and lifting device. These operations will determine the level of handling security. It is essential that the slinger chooses the most appropriate link and sets it up properly. If you move or help to move loads, you must be aware of the potential risks for yourself and for your environment.

Target audience

The training is primarily intended for regular and casual workers wishing to perform slinging tasks for the handling of loads by a lifting device. Whether you work in the industrial or construction field, or you are simply interested in acquiring new skills, this training is for you.


    To know the advantages and disadvantages of different type of slings

    To know the different slinging techniques

    To properly inspect slings

    To respect good working methods as well as safety rules

    To identify the risks and hazards related to lifting

This training has a duration of about 90min and is valid for 36 months