Lockout Lockout


Many serious accidents occur in the workplace. These accidents are often the result of a part of the body coming into contact with high-voltage parts, contact with moving mechanical parts or contact with chemical products or hazardous high-pressure fluids, which have accidentally leaked. It is inconceivable to think that merely turning off equipment is enough when performing work in a hazardous area. Lockout is precisely a protective method that helps eliminate the risks of accidents by neutralizing the energy sources that could restart the equipment on which work is being carried out.

Target audience

The training is intended for all people concerned by the enforcement of the lockout procedure in their work environment.


    To understand the importance of lockout in the work environment

    To know how to identify the risks related to different energy sources

    To become familiar with the elements and tools to implement pertaining to lockout management

    To know and understand the lockout process steps

This training has a duration of about 60min and is valid for 36 months