Forklift / Telescopic Forklift

Forklift / Telescopic Forklift Forklift / Telescopic Forklift


The forklift is one of the greatest industrial innovations of the previous decades. Its creation has completely modified the working habits of thousands of companies in the world. Carrying out work that needs these lift trucks requires the application of safe working methods as well as compliance to established standards. In order to be able to operate the equipment safely, it is essential that the user know all the safety rules in connection with his/her profession. In addition, he/she must know and be able to control the related risks in order to avoid difficult or hazardous situations.

Target audience

The training is primarily intended for regular and casual workers wishing to use a lift truck or telescopic forklift for handling. Whether you work in the industrial or construction field, or you are simply interested in acquiring new skills, this training is for you.


    To know the components of a lift truck

    To have the ability to identify and eliminate the safety hazards

    To understand safe driving and operating concepts

    To perform its inspection according to the applicable standards

    To develop the necessary skills in order to comply with safety measures for workplace planning

This training has a duration of about 120min and is valid for 36 months