Emergency Measures

Emergency Measures Emergency Measures


There are a large number of companies that are poorly prepared for emergencies. Nobody is perfectly safe and these situations usually happen unpredictably and without warning. It is therefore important that means of prevention are implemented effectively in order to prevent certain situations from turning into drama. The development of an emergency plan becomes an essential management tool that allows organizations to better guide stakeholders. To this end, this training will enable you to be ready to act effectively when the time comes.

Target audience

This training course is intended for all regular and casual workers as well as for all corporate executives.


    Identify, prevent and mitigate the risks to which individuals, facilities, property and the interests of organizations may be exposed.

    Limit major impacts on workplaces.

    Provide organizations with a structured response plan.

    Improve the readiness of emergency responders to respond to emergencies.

This training has a duration of about 60min and is valid for 36 months