Electrical hazard awareness

Electrical hazard awareness Electrical hazard awareness


Today, electricity is the most widely used form of energy, as it is an essential part of everyday life. It is present in all workplaces, not only in electrical rooms, but all around us. Omnipresent, colorless and odorless, electricity is not without risk. It can seriously compromise people’s safety. It is therefore important to continually raise awareness among as many people as possible in order to curb the accidents that occur and that sometimes result in worker death.

Target audience

The course is intended for workers who are not electricians and who do not perform electrical work but who operate in areas where electrical risks exist.


    Define and understand the main terms related to electricity
    Learn the basic rules related to electrical risks
    Learn how to give first aid to a victim who suffers an electric shock

This training has a duration of about 30min and is valid for 36 months